Hello! My name is Ron Sanders of Personal Touch Custom Auto World. This is my assistant Sean Whitlock, and we will now show you how to prep the inside of a window. First, you the same soap and water solution and spray the glass, cover the entire window. Then you can take a razor blade, Sean actually has a smaller blade that you can also use a bigger blade as such. All you want to do is make sure that you get every inch of the window, removing any kind of debris that’s actually stuck to the glass. What this allows is for a cleaner application of the film and to ensure that no dirt or debris is trapped under the film; that makes tint jobs look terrible. The proper tools also make the job go mush easier. After he scrapes it he then takes a squeegee, any kind of squeegee will do, and just remove any extra dirt and debris from the glass. After doing this, you are now ready to proceed to the next step, applying the film.