Hi, my name is Chris Noble. I'm a Independent IT Consultant and Professional Photographer. My website is www.doglikehorse.com. This is a video on how to make a file autorun for flash drive. If you want to make a file autorun from a flash drive on a Windows machine, then on pre-Windows Seven you'll need to configure that flash drive with an autorun.inf file and the open command they'll need to read up on exactly how to do that on the Internet relatively in depth. If you're using Windows Seven, then you're going to have a few problems. In Windows Seven unlikely all operating systems come in after Windows Seven, Microsoft and the powers that be you've decided to have in autorun from flash drives probably isn't a very good idea. It's kind of a typical way to hackers and virus rises will write programs to spread the malware or spyware between computers. So, they totally disable the ability to autorun a file on the Windows Seven; unlike the old all operating systems after that. My name is Chris Noble, thanks for watching this video.