One of the most important things in this mountain man stuff is your possible bag. In the possible bag I shoot a flinter and stuff like that so you carry everything you need when you are trekking out in the mountains, a screwdriver to change your flint and stuff like that, a handmade screwdriver all forged and stuff. You have got to knap the flint once in a while on a flinter so you have got a knap and hammer and stuff like that. That's a knapping hammer to knap your flints, a knapping pit to put a real fine sharp point on the flint so they go off every time they hit the prism. Everything you need when you are out in the wild shooting deer or whatever or just shooting in competition. We have an extra priming tool to prime the pan in your flint lock. The possible bag is what you carry everything in. Also in your possible bag you have a fire start thing if you are out trekking stuff like that you've got your fire start which contains your flint, your steel, your char, stuff like that to start a fire so you keep yourself warm at night. A possible bag is probably one of the most important things in dismounting man shooting programs stuff like that so everything is in it. It is always on your side. It is always accessible to get to. You have got an extra priming horn in there if you run out of priming powder for your flint lock. If you are shooting a percussion and stuff like that you still have the same things in there other than you have got your percussion cap and stuff like that so it is a real important thing.