Hi, my name is Chris Noble. I'm an independent IT consultant. My website is www.doglikehorse.com. This is a short video on how to change mobile phone SIM card. SIM cards are typically located behind the battery on most mobile phones. Normally, you need to remove the battery to get access to the SIM card. Today, we're going to change the SIM card on an iPhone, and it has a slightly different method. With the iPhone, you'll need a paper clip to gain access to the SIM card itself. Most of the phones, you'll just press the button the battery, slide the battery off and there'll be a little compartment where you'll see the SIM card. In this case, we need just the paper clip, and we need to put that into the hole on the top of the iPhone, and press down gently until the SIM card comes out. Once you've ejected the card, you need to take the card out and dispose of it, or if it's your spare card, keep it in a safe place. And then all you need to do is put the other card in in exactly the same way the old card was. Got to make sure the contacts connect with the phone, and you'll be able to turn the card on, the phone on, and have the card work the first time. My name is Chris Noble. Thanks for watching this video on how to change a SIM card.