How to Prepare the Kids to Meet Father Christmas


Father Christmas is a legend come to life, a character whose entire existence represents joy and love and magic. Perhaps this is the reason that meeting him does not always go perfectly for every child, but a little preparation can help make the big day fun for everyone.

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Read Together

Read books about Father Christmas together. Talk about the illustrations and ask your children to imagine what Santa looks like in real life. Talk about how tall he is or how long his beard is -- physical details will help the children visualize him as an actual person.

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Choose Comfortable Clothing

Select clothes in colors and patterns that work nicely for photos, and have the children try on the outfits ahead of time. If they complain that an item is scratchy or uncomfortable, choose something else. The more comfortable your children are, the greater the chances they will enjoy the experience.

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Involve the Whole Family

Invite favorite family members along for the adventure. Grandmothers and grandfathers, uncles and aunts – the whole family can enjoy this special time.

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Bring Comforting Toys

Suggest that younger children bring along a cuddly toy to introduce to Father Christmas. Familiar favorites provide extra security, and introducing them lets a child focus on something comforting.

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Time Your Visit Carefully

Avoid visits that conflict with naps, meals, or bedtime. Save the biscuits, sweets and fizzy drinks for afterward, but do bring along a light sandwich or fruit – along with napkins or wet wipes, of course.

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Choose the Right Setting

Find a lovely setting for your visit with Father Christmas, and consider attending a special event. For example, Wyevale Garden Centres offers families several joyful ways to meet Father Christmas, including visits in the grotto or breakfast or tea, along with activities and gifts.

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