16 Things every grown-up woman should own


No woman can truly be considered a "grown women" without the following, and yes, we are talking about 21st Century grown women, the women of today.
From house plants to dry shampoo, by the time you are considered a "grown women" these things shouldn't be anything new! Take a look to see what you are missing from the list.

Give yourself the respect you deserve, approach and embrace adulthood like the Queen Bee you really are!

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A classy, matching-set of lingerie

Including a bra that is actually the right size, get it fitted!
No more getting undressed with the lights out. A grown women has a least one set of beautiful lingerie at the ready for that special moment.

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A funny photo album

As the years mount up, so does the experience and memories. A grown women is from an era where photos were actually printed and should be cherished in a photo album. Including those dodgy photos from the 18-30’s holiday in Magaluf!

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A simple versatile vase

A grown woman appreciates flowers, whether it's a romantic bouquet or a thank you gesture. Make sure you have something to put them in, other than an old coffee jar.

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A vibrator

This is the twenty first century and Samantha Jones would be disappointed to find any modern women without one.


A passport

A grown women respects and values her independence and needs to be available if the opportunity for travel arises.


A list of Ex-boyfriends

It doesn't have to be long, but it usually includes; one you always imagine going back to and one who you are still trying to forget.

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A handbag, a suitcase and an umbrella

Now these don't have to be matching, but should at least do you proud!


Dry shampoo

Come on! Showering every day is just not realistic. This is one of the best inventions for greasy roots and a "must have" for any women of the 21st Century. It also gives great volume!


A Juicy past

Being able to give your friends and even your Grandchildren a good old laugh with tails that can be told over and over again.



Finally realising that you are going to make it to old age, you need some financial back up and a small stash to pay for all those holidays you have been dreaming up whilst in work.

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A plant

A legal one! Try an indoor plant, or at least one that you can actually keep alive. Plants are great as they release oxygen, improve air quality and make you feel happy. Something well all definitely need in our homes to help us breath!


A credit card… and an overdraft!

Of course, these are needed for big emergencies or the minor ones such as “drinks down the pub, at the end of a long day at work”.


Padded insoles

These are a God send and will change your life! They are thin enough to put in almost any heel or flat without making the shoe tighter, plus for boots and other shoes, go full-on gel insert.

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Salad/Serving bowl

Those days of serving out of a plastic tubs are over, time to evolve in the hosting department.

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A tool kit (pink is acceptable)

That has been removed from its original packaging, with knowledge of how to use it!

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A piece of flat packed furniture

Assembled by yourself, using the tool kit mentioned above.


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