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The greatest life hacks that will turn your home into a castle

An Englishman(woman)'s home is his castle and with these life hacks you'll give a complete makeover to the old saying. These little gems will cut your workload in half and change the way you tackle everyday housework.

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Flip the toaster on it's side to make cheese toasties.

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An old plastic milk carton makes a cheap alternative to a watering can by piercing a few holes on the cap.

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Remove a splinter by putting on baking soda mixed with water.

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Not sure how long the eggs have been in the fridge? Worry not. If it floats then bin it. Fresh eggs sink and stale eggs float.

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Great way to clean up fast and reuse a paint tray without all the scrubbing. Just layer it with a few sheets of tinfoil and bin it afterward.

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Forget about buying those expensive fragrant candles, just boil some orange peels and clove and your kitchen will smell like little angels.

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The shells will peel right off if you add half a teaspoon of baking soda when hard boiling your eggs.

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If your picture frame doesn't have a hook for hanging then simply nail on a fizzy drink can's tab. It works a treat.

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Stuffed peppers have never been so easy. Use a baking tray for cupcakes so that the peppers don't fall over to one side and the stuffing stays put.

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Place a wooden spoon over a boiling pot and it will never boil over again.

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Sharpen any pair of scissors by cutting through a piece of sandpaper.

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Keep all your Christmas ornaments safe by packing them for next year in used egg cartons.

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No more tumbling about for the sellotape, use tooth picks to mark your place for handy access.

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Eucalyptus is a god send and this tip will have your bathroom smelling heavenly. Simply tie a bush of eucalyptus onto the shower head, have a scrub and enjoy the fresh aroma.

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Enjoy your wine the whole year round without it watering down. Simply pop a few grapes in the freezer and use them as ice cubes (grape-cubes?).

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Any handyman worth his salt will always have a can of WD-40. The wonder-spray will remove crayon stains from any surface including walls.

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