10 Great wedding table ideas that you'll want to steal

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A wedding is the best proof that love can triumph in the world. It is a magical moment when two people decide to stay together forever, supporting, loving and struggling together to achieve their dreams.


And for such a memorable occasion, the preparations are many: a proper wedding needs food, a ceremony, a lot of flowers, at least one photographer, the many bridesmaids' dresses and, of course, the decoration for the wedding tables. Here we'll show you some simple but perfect designs for framing those first moments of life together.

White roses

Charm and elegance are the words that will define the memory of your wedding if you choose to go with white roses. The dishes can be white and simple because simplicity is always elegant. Tall crystal glasses and a white wedding cake will focus the attention where it needs to be: on the bride and groom.

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Candelabrum and pastel tones

You can make an exquisite centrepiece with a three-armed golden candelabrum, white candles and a bouquet of yellow and pink flowers with some green leaves. This should fit perfectly with black gold-rimmed china and crystal glasses. The only things missing in this perfect scene will be the bride's smile and the groom's enamoured look.

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For an intimate celebration

A perfect wedding does not require lots of guests, sumptuous halls or an unending ceremony. The only requisite for a wedding are two people in love who decide to build a life together. And the wedding ceremony does not need much more than a simple table, a white cake with the figure of the bride and the groom, a bride's bouquet and two glasses to toast for eternal happiness. And nothing else.

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Lemons and roses

For an intimate ceremony on a sunny day, you can set a table in the garden and enjoy the delight of getting married surrounded by nature. And in that context, nothing beats a table decorated with clay tableware, lemons and white flowers. Add some nicely cut crystal glasses, and you will have everything you need for that perfect moment.

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Sweetness for everyone

The wedding cake can be the centrepiece of the wedding, the magic touch that will set that day apart from all the others. A three-layered cake, with a touch of colour and natural flowers is enough to spruce up any wedding table. Put the cake on one end, a bouquet of your favourite flowers in the centre and just enjoy your party.

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An original touch

If you are tired of the typical flower arrangements that plagued every wedding you've ever been to, you can do something very original: grab a bucketful of little coloured marbles and put them in a tall translucent vase. You can repeat this centrepiece on the every table. Using white tableware will ensure that the centrepiece's colour stands out.

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A piece of the country

These beautiful flowers placed in tall vases will give a cheerful and fresh touch to your party. Choose flowers in your favourite colours and place floating candles in pretty glass jars. This decoration is very simple, but it creates a striking effect that will attract the eyes of all your guests.

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A tall centrepiece

Using a tall centrepiece has its advantages: your guests will be able to see one another and conversation will flow without obstructions. Thick flower bouquets can look beautiful, but if they are not properly designed, can be quite a bother. Look for tall centrepieces instead, and decorate them with flowers, fruits and green leaves.

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Candles to light your way to everlasting love

A lighted candle is the symbol of a promise. Decorate your wedding table with three candles sitting on a silver plate, to symbolize the fulfilment of the vows you've just made​​. This simple decoration is loaded with meaning because silver is associated with projects brought to fruition. Simple, elegant and mystical, this is the perfect decoration for your special day.

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Wild flowers

It is a good rule of thumb that nothing should outshine the bride, so don't let anything stand between you and your guests. Choose a slender vase and place it casually at the centre of the table. Those small wild flowers will be the perfect addition to the couple's smile in the happiest day of their lives.

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