10 Nostradamus predictions that didn't come true


The predictions of Nostradamus continue to surprise us each time some new event shakes the planet. But not all of his predictions have come true. When one doesn't, his detractors say that this famous prophet was no more than a charlatan who profited from people's ignorance. Through his quatrains (which are poems), this seer predicted the events of the future. His critics never tire of repeating that there is a certain ambiguity to his verses, leaving them open to interpretation.

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The end of the world

Perhaps the most famous prediction of Nostradamus is the prophecy of the end of the world. In one of his quatrains, he claimed that "In the year 1999, in the seventh month, from the sky will come the great King of Terror," and many believed that this predicted that the world was going to end. Over time, as the fateful date drew close, followers of Nostradamus began to insist that the end of the universe was just around the corner. All the same, it didn't happen.

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The third world war

In one of his quatrains, Nostradamus predicted that around 2006 there would come a great war like those that ravaged the twentieth century. In his own words, "on September 6, 2006, white people of the West will be attacked." As a result, many awaited the date in fear. Yet more terror was ahead in the prediction, which said that the following year a "pestilence" that "neither young, nor old, nor beasts" would survive. Fortunately, this terrible prophecy didn't come true.

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His own death

Strange as it seems, one of the prophecies of Nostradamus that didn't come true was about the date of his own death, which the famous seer got wrong. In one of his famous "Centuries," or book of a hundred verses, the French prophet predicted that he would die in November 1567. However, he succumbed to oedema in July 1566, almost a year earlier than he had anticipated. Despite this error in his calculations, the astrologist was a well-known figure who mingled with the French aristocracy.

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The end of taxes

Political and economic change was one of the favourite topics of Nostradamus. In one of his quatrains, the astrologist predicted that a large popular uprising would bring many taxes to the end. "People will refuse to pay taxes to the king," he claimed, and some researchers insist that Nostradamus was referring to the 2011 protests in the Middle East. It is worth remembering that the uprisings led to the downfall of several leaders in the region, and great changes were anticipated. However, to date, no taxes have been abolished in any of these countries.

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The assassination of the pope

Not only are the centuries of Nostradamus filled with natural disasters and wars, they also include the assassinations of Supreme Pontiffs. In this case, the supposed victim was to be Benedict XVI. As part of his forecast of attacks in Italy, Nostradamus had foreseen that in 2010 the Pope would be attacked. The French astrologist even went so far as to specify that the person who would kill the Pope would be a woman. Followers of the seer followed this prophecy very closely due to the suspicions that had arisen after the supposed death of John Paul I in 1978.

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The death of John Paul II

Another of the predictions of Nostradamus concerning the papacy revolved around John Paul II. According to his predictions, the Pope was going to die on the island of Capri after fleeing the Vatican following a Russian invasion. Nostradamus predicted that John Paul II would have to seek refuge from the destruction caused by a supposed war. On Capri he would meet two allies, but this would not prevent his death, as he would later be captured and burned. This prediction did not come true as John Paul II died in 2005 of natural causes.

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Deadly virus

The predictions of Nostradamus for 2011 did not include much good news. In his quatrains, the astrologist announced that in 2011 all of humanity would fall victim to a pandemic that would ravage the globe. His staunchest followers insisted that the prophet foresaw that events would be triggered by a bacteriological war in which different chemical weapons would unleash a worldwide conflict. This Bond-worthy plot came to nothing, as no war caused by chemical weapons destroyed the world's population.

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The Antichrist

In one of his famous quatrains, Nostradamus predicted that the Antichrist would destroy three major countries in a war that would last 27 years. This conflict would begin in 1999, the same year that the astrologer had slated to be the end of the world, and it would stretch until at least 2026, with the West being its main victim. On the way, things would be unbelievably awful: a great storm would wipe out crops, and bombs would fall constantly on cities. According to Nostradamus, this terrible state of affairs should be happening right now.

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The end of Spain

The predictions of Nostradamus generally revolved around large-scale wars that promised to wipe out large proportions of the population and bring about a brusque change in the political and military scene. In one of his quatrains, he claimed that Spain would be held captive by the leader of Libya. Many followers of the French astrologer believed this quatrain to be about Muammar Gaddafi, ruler of Libya for over 42 years, and who was assassinated in 2011. Nostradamus also prophesied that Italy would fall into the hands of Libya, but that the French army would liberate Rome.

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The fall of Paris

Throughout his prophecies, Nostradamus claimed that the map of the West would change due to war, and that France would be at the centre of this. The astrologer predicted that the Fifth Republic, the system of government in place in France since 1958, would fall in 1984 and that the monarchy would be restored in 1999. According to Nostradamus, from that time on, the country would enter a state of collapse, leading to successive Muslim invasions. Of course, not only has there been no return to a monarchy, France hasn't been invaded either.

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