Big design solutions for small spaces


Living spaces for many people are becoming smaller. This is especially the case for those of us that live in cities, where a lot of people live in studio flats. Our space can also be reduced by having more possessions than we actually need. The answer to this restricted way of life is to create storage areas and design spaces that fulfill various functions. The important thing is have furniture and other objects that are suitable for smaller living spaces.

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The living room

The best thing to do with a living room that has reduced space is to use furniture that is elongated and thin. You can add some decorative sparkle to the walls with a large picture and use colourful or decorated boxes for storage space. Lighting is very important since it allows you to create warmth within the room.

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Home office

It is very simple to create a place to work even if you have a small living space. Find a corner of a room where you want to work and create a physical barrier. You can create an L-shaped structure in this small space. Use high shelves to utilise as much space as possible and if you are near a window sill put that to use as storage or desk space as well.

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Dining room

Your dining room, if you have one, can be converted into an area for reading. Place some bookshelves on one of the widest walls. Now you have a room with a table where you can eat, read and study. It is also a room that can be used by children to do their homework.

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Making full use of your hallway

If you do not have a cupboard to store your coats and shoes, but you have a wide hallway, you can create a structure there using fabric. A desk or shelves can also be placed in the hallway to store books, objects or work materials.

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Children’s bedroom

The easiest solution to the problem of accommodating more than one young child into a small room is to buy bunk beds. However, there are also elongated beds available on the market. It is also possible to play around with the positioning of more conventional beds. You should always try to leave some space available in the room for your children to play.

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The bedroom

A practical idea when you do not have much storage space is to place your bed as close to the door as possible. In the remaining space you can place some storage units. Neutral colours should be used to decorate your bedroom to create the impression of space.

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Sofa bed

One of the best methods of increasing your space is to get hold of a sofa bed or a futon. This way you have a sofa and floor space during the day while you are not sleeping. For those who have a conventional bed in their bedroom, using a sofa bed in the living room is a good way of converting it into a guest room for when visitors come to stay.

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The kitchen

In homes where the kitchen is very small it is important to invest in a central island or breakfast bar design that lets you work and cook in a comfortable manner. The use of cupboards in the island or bar will give you more storage space. The island or bar area will also act as a table from which to eat meals. This is very useful if you do not have a dining room. Always try to make use of visual tricks and techniques to create the illusion of space.

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More kitchen ideas

If you do not have the budget to extensively redesign your kitchen, you could always just place a table and some chairs up against a wall so that you have somewhere to dine or relax. Decorate the wall with something bright and colourful to bring more life to the room. You could also use a rug under the table to add that little extra touch.

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