10 Best dog breeds for families

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Are you looking to find a family dog? There are many breeds with traits that fit your family's lifestyle. Check out the "10 Best Dog Breeds for Families," presented by the Daily Puppy. These adult dogs are not only beautiful, they love children and family life too.


Come learn more about certain breeds, which do better in a family household.

A great friend for an active family

Golden retrievers are one of the most friendly, trustworthy and loyal dogs. They are great companions for children of all ages because of their patience and gentleness. These dogs are known to be very active -- whether it is a day at the beach, a hike up a mountain or just a game of fetch in the garden -- they are content. Not only will a golden retriever make a great friend, but they are also beautiful dogs.

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A playful friend

Beagles make great family dogs because they are playful and full of energy. A beagle's sweet demeanour, pretty colouring and small-to-medium size make it a great pet for families with children. Beagles are very curious and love playtime outdoors -- especially when they can sniff around. Beagles will be a best friend and a great canine.

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The energy-filled companion

Border collies are popular as family-friendly pets. They are full of energy and love to be around older children. These dogs need room to run and play -- and in return will be very friendly and affectionate with the family. Not only are they easy to train they are also gorgeous dogs.

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An adorable pal

English bulldogs are known as loyal dogs who live well with children and other pets. These dogs are family-friendly because they love playing with children and being a part of the household activities. They are also known to be gentle, calm and adorable -- even when they drool and snore. An English bulldog would make a wonderful addition to any family.

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The caring comrade

Labrador retrievers are very sweet and gentle dogs. They fit in with the family environment due to their loving, easy-going personality. Labs love to please their families and are always ready to play. They are highly intelligent and gentle, which makes them great with small children. Labrador retrievers are loyal pets, ideal for family life.

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An affectionate mixed breed

A goldendoodle is a mixed-breed dog, a combination of golden retriever and poodle. Both breeds are known for being kid-friendly, but put them together and they make amazing family pets. The goldendoodle is intelligent, sweet and easy to train. They are known for being social and their ability to get along well with other family pets. Goldendoodles are adorable and affectionate -- the perfect addition to any home!

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The active family dog

Australian shepherds are very active, fun-loving pets. They are devoted to their family and enjoy getting attention from their owners. These dogs are courageous and smart, which makes for a good dog to have around the house. "Aussies" are wonderful with children, as they love to play. They are also agile and easy to train -- which gives parents more time with the kids. A fun, loyal friend, this breed would fit in any household.

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A happy-go-lucky friend

Pugs are known for their charming character and animated disposition. This breed gets along well with other animals and kids because of their easy-going personality and laid-back demeanour. They also love attention and enjoy play time. Pugs make a wonderful family dog, and will offer lots of love, friendship and amusement.

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The adorable mixed breed

The schnoodle is a mix between the schnauzer and the poodle. The schnoodle is known to have an extra big personality. They are fun-loving dogs that play well with children and get along with other pets. This breed has minimal shedding -- which helps with the household cleaning. Schnoodles would make a nice, clean pet for any loving family!

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A courageous cuddler

German shepherds are extremely faithful and loyal dogs. They are large in size, but don't let that fool you -- they love to love. This breed is highly intelligent, clever and they fully trust their families. German shepherds love to be close to their owners and they like to protect their family. They are eager to please and are gentle with their family members.

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