Decorating ideas for small & narrow hallways

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Hallways are often neglected when it comes to decorating. They are typically seen as utilitarian, so they don't receive the same attention as the rest of the house. But hallways are the conduit through which you and your family get from place to place. You probably spend as much time walking through your hallways as you do in any other single room. Make the hallway stand out with some decorative flair that plays up its narrow length.


Lighter colours make a space feel larger, while darker colours make a space feel closed in and small. Use light colours for your small, narrow hallway. Create even more space by choosing a lighter tone for the ceiling and a slightly darker complementary shade for the walls. If you have wainscoting, match it to the ceiling for continuity.


Good lighting is always important, but it is crucial in small spaces. Install ceiling fixtures at regular intervals all the way along the ceiling. Ceiling fixtures work best because they are out of the way and above your line of sight. Wall fixtures will work too, but be sure to mount them high enough that they don't encroach on you as you walk down the hallway.


Mirrors make a space feel larger, and they come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate any decor. Use small framed mirrors of different sizes and shapes for an eclectic display in your narrow hallway, or install a long thin mirror to reflect the shape of the space. A mirror on the wall at the end of the hallway will make the hall seem even longer than it is, creating a circus fun-house feel.


If you have a wood-floored hallway, consider adding a floor runner rug to draw the eye down the length of the space. Runners make the space feel longer and fluid, and offer an opportunity to bring out colours and shapes from your other decor. They also protect hardwood floors. This is especially welcome in households with pets and small children.

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