Problems With the AEG Tumble Dryer

AEG is a German company that manufactures domestic appliances, including washers and dryers. It has been in business since 1889 and has been a division of Electrolux since 1994. According to the AEG website, its line of dryers is designed for the optimum use of energy and water.

Most problems with AEG tumble dryers are simple to correct.

Starting Problems

An AEG tumble dryer will not start if the power cord is unplugged or defective, if the fuse is blown or if the door is open. If the fluff filter is inserted improperly, or if the door over the slot is not closed completely, the dryer door will not close. In addition, the dryer will not start if you have not chosen a drying program or pushed the start button.

Tumbling Problems

A defective door switch, drum belt, drum pulley or dryer motor can prevent the drum of an AEG tumble dryer from turning or tumbling.

Drying Problems

Several problems can prevent an AEG tumble dryer from drying laundry properly. If the laundry did not spin out completely in the washer, the clothes will take a long time to dry. If you overload the dryer or select the wrong drying program, your laundry may not get dry or may take a long time to dry. A clogged fluff filter or vent hose or a burnt out heating element will prevent laundry from drying.

Noise Problems

Common causes of unusual noises in an AEG tumble dryer include a defective idler pulley and worn guides, rollers, wheels or bearings on the drum. A clogged or defective blower wheel also produces noise.