What shoes to wear with dark jeans

tipped up image by John Sfondilias from Fotolia.com

Dark jeans are an adaptable palette to play with your shoe colour choices. Whether they are dark blue or black, most shoe combinations work with dark jeans, depending on the rest of your outfit. Coordinate your shoes to complement your top and accessories. If you are carrying a purse, match your shoes to your purse.


If your outfit is casual, sneakers are a laid-back complement to your dark jeans. However, do not wear your jeans with beat-up sneakers. Wear well-kept, clean street sneakers. Most colours of sneakers work well, but shades that are only slightly lighter than the jeans are most complementary. The sneakers-and-jeans combination best suits a casual top such as a tank top, T-shirt or casual jacket.


The dark jeans-high heels combination is always a solid choice for women because it allows them to look dressed up even when they're wearing casual clothes. Choose the heel style and colour depending on your top. Wear a dressier blouse or sweater with your dark jeans to complement your high heels.


Sandals are an easy choice for dark jeans in the summer. Flip-flops or dressier sandals lend themselves well to any coloured jeans. People often wear the sandals-jeans combination in warm climates, during the summertime and on vacation. Depending on the sandal, your outfit can be dressy for a summer night out or fit for a walk on the beach.

Boat Shoes

Wear boat shoes with your dark jeans for an upscale, preppy look. Boat shoes lend a subtle dressy dynamic to even casual outfits. Choose boat shoes that are darker coloured so that you won't draw too much attention to your feet. Wear white boat shoes only if your top is also white.


Nice boots look sharp with dark jeans. They are dressy and classy and can keep you warm in cold or wet weather. Avoid work boots or shabby shoes, unless you are actually going to work. Wear well-kept leather, suede or dress boots over or under your dark jeans for a clean, comfortable outfit.