Electric stoves that look like wood stoves

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Electric stoves that look like wood burning stoves are alternately listed as electric stoves and electric fireplaces, depending on the manufacturer. Such stoves generally have old-fashioned designs and bear names related to historical American figures or places whose monikers -- Vernon, Stowe -- evoke a different America than that of the 21st century. Electric stoves created in mimicry of wood burning stoves uniformly feature fake flames licking at logs that don't burn.

Dimplex Stoves

Dimplex is an electrical equipment manufacturer that produces heaters, thermostats, grills, fireplaces and electric stoves that look like wood burning stoves. As of 2010, Dimplex produces 10 electric stoves of this type. Models include old-fashioned designs like the Celeste, deluxe, compact, traditional and standard electric stoves. All of these models are footed -- they stand on small legs -- and designed to look like the iron-hewn wood burning stoves of yore. Two other models, cube and mini cube, are more modern designs resembling televisions displaying images of burning logs.

Fire Sense Stoves

Fire Sense manufactures stoves, fire pits, fireplaces and grills. The company produces a line of electric fireplaces, or electric stoves, designed to look like wood burning stoves. As of 2010, there are five products in this line. Three of these products are footed and freestanding models. Two are wall-mounting units. The freestanding models are the Fox Hill, Vernon and Stowe. Each of these models is black and designed with a front grill with stylistically segmented windows that offer a view of fake logs going up in fake flames. Wall mount models resemble flat screen televisions.

Plough & Hearth Stoves

Home & Hearth is a division of the Plow & Hearth company that produces, among other things, two models of electrical stoves designed to look like wood burning stoves. These models are the compact electric stove and the large electric stove. The former is available in black and white and the latter in wine red, forest green and black. Home & Hearth's large electric stove is a freestanding, footed model with front-mounted, arched double doors inlaid with deco windows that offer a view of a faux wood fire "burning" within the unit. The compact stove is a small unit with a simple rectangular window offering a similar view.


National department store JCPenney produces a single model of electric stove that looks like a wood burning stove. This product is the potbelly stove electric fireplace, a relatively compact unit that is 20 inches tall, 16 inches wide and about 12 inches deep. The potbelly stove produces enough heat to warm a room as large as 20 feet by 20 feet and is equipped with adjustable controls allowing users to modify the intensity of the heat produced. JCPenney produces a full line of electric fireplaces that are similar to the potbelly stove. Electric fireplace designs include small wall-mounting units and enormous pieces equipped with mantels.

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