Birthday Gift Ideas for a 24 Year Old Female

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Twenty-four is an interesting age for young women as it is often an age where she is starting to mature but still retains that party streak from being young and carefree.

Many are finished with higher education at this juncture and are trying find their ideal job or career, or are dealing with their first adult romantic relationship. Find gifts that appeal to what she's into.

Handmade Items

Support local designers and artists for the 24-year-old who enjoys buying from such merchants. Make items yourself such as a piece of jewellery, clothing item or other trinket you think she will enjoy. Turn her favourite broken jewellery into something new, or create a skirt or top using her favourite colours. Construct a plush bear or other stuffed animal for the 24-year-old who likes collecting plush toys. Should you have any woodworking or metal crafting skills, make her a jewellery or keepsake box, or a small metal sculpture or jewellery tree. There are also numerous websites available for purchasing handmade items. Many handmade items are made from reclaimed and recycled materials, which a 24-year-old environmentalist will enjoy.

Gift Baskets

Purchase a gift basket on shopping or gift sites, which generally offer a variety of gift basket options, including themed baskets, such as sports, coffee, wine and cheese, gourmet gift baskets and spa-themed baskets. Beer gift baskets and candy gift baskets are also available, including retro candy baskets for the 24-year-old woman who enjoys retro items. You can also purchase a pretty basket or tin at craft stores to build your own gift basket, such as a make-up gift basket filled with make-up items she enjoys but perhaps cannot always afford. Such baskets can be filled with items from one brand or several depending on preference. Spa gift baskets can be purchased, or build your own. Include items like her favourite bath and body products, loofahs, shampoo, deep conditioner and new face towels.

Electronic Gifts

Browse for gifts such as MP3 players and digital cameras for the electronically minded 24-year-old woman, or for the 24-year-old who still uses a CD player and disposable cameras. MP3 players are portable and she can take one along on road trips, while exercising or use it to supply background music for a party. Look into electronic gifts such as portable charging mats for phones, digital video glasses, pillow remote controls, personal Internet viewers, fogless shower mirrors with wireless music transmitters and digital notebooks with electronic pens. If she has a car you might want to purchase a heated electronic windshield scraper. Skype video phones, pocket video cameras, and earmuff and hat headphones are also options.