Cable Trench Digging Tools

A number of tools enable you to dig trenches for laying TV or Internet cables without the need for a professional installer. In most cases, a simple shovel can be sufficient since trenches generally do not have to be very wide, particularly for residential use.

Make sure that you have the right tool for the digging, depending on the nature of work and the landscape.

Trench Digging Shovel

Trench digging shovels are employed both for digging and cleaning out debris. They come in different sizes with V-shaped blades that allow you to shape the trench bottom. These blades come in handy for positioning the cables and wires at the appropriate places. Some trench digging shovels have fibreglass handles with textured nonslip surfaces that provide secure grip with shock-absorbing protection. Some shovels have ash handles, which offer strength and durability.

Trench Hoe

A trench hoe is different from a shovel or spade. The hoe blade is swung from hip height down into the soil using the force of gravity and your arms' strength. According to the Easy Digging website, while using a trench hoe, you don't have to lean over for lifting the load of soil with your back.

Cutter Mattock

The cutter mattock tool is used for digging trench through root-chocked soil. First, it will help you chop roots, then loosen soil from the ground. Usually, cutter mattock tools have digging blades as well as wide axes attached, which help break firm surfaces. Forged steel is generally used to make these tools.

Pick Axe

A pick axe is a useful tool for excavating trenches. You can use it for cutting through existing roots or tough ground. Its advantage is that it can penetrate through hard ground and break it up, after which you can continue digging with a trenching shovel. It requires less physical labour as compared to a shovel.

Hand Trowel

A hand trowel is a useful tool for clearing a trench after you lay the cables in it. They are inexpensive and handy tools; but do not expect to dig huge trenches with one.