The Yamaha CVP203 is a digital piano that functions as both a traditional grand piano and as a digital polyphonic keyboard and recording device. Part of Yamaha's Clavinova series, the CVP203 is suitable whether you want to play a recital piece or craft original music using a library of realistic instrument sounds. As of 2010, Yamaha no longer produces the CVP203 digital piano.



The CVP-203 weighs 65.8 Kilogram and 227gr. It has a width of 56.375 inches, a depth of 24.375 inches, and a height of 43.75 inches.


64-Voice Polyphony

The CVP-203 can play a maximum of 64 simultaneous "voices," which may include individual notes and simple effects. Advanced effects may require the use of multiple voices.


Black and White LCD Display

The LCD display allows you to navigate between voices (instrument samples), effects and instrument options, and also view lyrics and sheet music for real time performance.


Dynamic Stereo Sampling

The CPV203 allows you to emulate the sound of a live grand piano right down to the smallest detail, thanks to Yamaha's dynamic stereo sampling, a common convention of Clavinova digital pianos. Just like on a real grand piano, you can control the volume and velocity of each note based on the hardness or softness of your touch.


Graded Hammer Keyboard

In addition to dynamic stereo sampling, the CVP203 emulates the feel of a grand piano by weighing the keys according to grand piano specifications: heavy keys on the low (left) end, and light keys on the high (right) end.


On-board Accompaniment

The CVP203 contains a library of pre-recorded accompaniment songs, which you can use for practicing or for live performance. Choose from among four different accompaniment styles, all of which contain custom intros, endings and unique effects.


16-Track Recording

The CVP203 contains built-in recording studio functions. For a single song, you can record a maximum of 16 tracks. In other words, if you recorded two layers of grand piano music, a third layer of orchestral sounds and a fourth layer of bass, you would still have 12 tracks remaining at your disposal. Record up to one megabyte of audio data onto the internal flash ROM, or record directly to an external floppy disc (1.44 megabytes).

  • The CVP203 contains built-in recording studio functions.
  • Record up to one megabyte of audio data onto the internal flash ROM, or record directly to an external floppy disc (1.44 megabytes).

Pedal Assignment

The CVP203 contains three pedals, and you can assign a different effect to each. In addition to the traditional sustain effect, you can apply a pitch bend effect, echo, reverb, or other effects of your choosing.


Audio Jacks

The CVP-203 contains two 1/4-inch headphone jacks for use with monitor headphones (standard 3.5mm headphones will require a 1/4-inch adaptor). For analogue audio connections, the CVP-203 includes 1/4-inch stereo and mono jacks (L + R) for both input and output, as well as one auxiliary pedal jack. For digital connections, the CVP-203 includes three MIDI jacks (In/Out/Thru) that you can use to interface with other digital instrumentation such as sequencers, samplers and synthesizers.


Audio Output

The CVP-203 contains two built-in 16-centimeter speakers, each carrying a 40-watt amplifier. Each note that you play is transmitted from the internal tone generator to the connected speakers, resulting in precise, real-time playback without the need for an external amplifier or other output.