Types of Hy-Vo Motorcycle Chains

chain saw image by Pali A from Fotolia.com

Hy-Vo (high velocity and involute tooth) chain is a specific type of inverted tooth chain, or silent chain, that is used to drive the camshafts of many medium to large motorcycles and other vehicles.

It is also used in the transfer-case drive of four-wheel-drive vehicles and as the primary drive between the engine and transmission. There is only one type of Hy-Vo chain, made by Borg-Warner Automotive Inc.

Hy-Vo Construction

Hy-Vo silent chains are made from metal plates and pins. Hy-Vo chain pitch ranges from 9.52 millimetres to 50.8 millimetres in width. Hy-Vo chains are made with round pins, or d-shape pins. The sprocket in a Hy-Vo silent chain is shaped like a gear. Standard chain teeth are straight, while Hy-Vo chain teeth are slightly rounded.

Hy-Vo Applications

Hy-Vo silent chains are installed the camshafts of mid- to large-size motorcycles and vehicles. Hy-Vo chains can be used as a direct replacement for a stock motorcycle roller chain, serving as an aftermarket upgrade on a high-performance motorcycle camshaft to increase the chain's tension capacity. Hy-Vo chains are suitable for high-speed transmissions.

Hy-Vo Benefits

The Hy-Vo chain has a greater number of teeth in the sprockets. Using a Hy-Vo chain in a motorcycle camshaft will greatly reduce chordal action, vibration and overall noise of the chain while the motorcycle is in operation. Hy-Vo chains are ideal for use in high-speed transmissions.