Physical Activities for a 2-Year-Old

A variety of activities help to keep 2-year-olds busy.

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Two-year-olds are learning how to master walking, running, throwing, jumping and coordination. Physical activities for 2-year-olds includes exercise, structured physical movements and activities that enhance this coordination.

It is also important to remember that not all activity has to be planned or be completely physical in nature. Moderation in planned activities mixed with free time is the key to a successful, busy day with a 2-year-old.

Make Play Dough

Make play dough by mixing 3 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 3 tbsp oil and 1 cup water together. For colour, you could add a few drops of food colouring or part of a mix drink packet. Give the 2-year-olds cookie cutters, jar lids, small roller pins and even flat wooden sticks to play, shape and form the play dough.

Water Play

Most 2-year-olds love water. They love to fill items with water and dump them out again. Give toddlers a few buckets or a tub of water and then add in some soap to make bubbles. Give them spoons, measuring cups, plastic glasses and even toy boats to play with. Protect your floors by laying out towels under the water area.

  • Most 2-year-olds love water.
  • Give them spoons, measuring cups, plastic glasses and even toy boats to play with.

Finger Paint

Two-year-olds enjoy creating and designing. Buy some finger paints and let them draw on big scraps of paper. As an alternative to finger paints, you could consider using shaving cream with a drop or two of food colouring. Then let your children paint on the sidewalk.

  • Two-year-olds enjoy creating and designing.
  • Then let your children paint on the sidewalk.

Tear Paper

Tearing paper apart is an activity that your 2-year-old will probably enjoy. Give them old or used wrapping paper and allow them to tear the paper into pieces. Allow them to glue the pieces they have torn onto cardboard or heavy construction paper to make a collage.

Jumping Party

Make jumping safe and fun. Put pillows, mats and mattresses on the floor and allow your 2-year-old to have a jumping party. This activity is also great for exercise and expending energy.


Play children's music or put in a fun exercise or dance video meant for young children. Two-year-olds will enjoy trying to imitate motions being performed by their favourite character or by you.