Ford Fuel System Bleeding Tools

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Occasionally, Ford car fuel systems get air in the fuel line or fuel injection system and need bleeding. Bleeding the fuel line releases this air and allows the fuel system to work more efficiently. Symptoms of air in the fuel line include missing, knocking and stalling. In some cases the car may not start at all.

Tools needed to bleed the fuel line allow you to disconnect the line and get rid of any air that may be there.

KD Tools 3321

The KD Tools 3321 Ford Fuel Line Quick Disconnect is available at auto supply stores for around £7 as of 2010. This tool releases the fuel line locking mechanism on new Ford models and fits 5/16- inch and 3/8-inch fuel lines. The quick disconnect tool allows the fuel filter to be released from the fuel line. Once released, the fuel filter can be removed from the fuel line to expose the line for bleeding.

OTC Injection Diagnostic Kits

OTC Fuel Injection Diagnostic Kits allow users to quickly diagnose pressure problems in a fuel line. These kits fit Ford engines that have a multi-port fuel injection system. The kit includes a bleed valve that allows you to bleed air from the fuel line after testing. The gauge assembly lets you check both fuel pressure and fuel volume in the fuel line.

OTC Gauge and Hose Assembly

The OTC Gauge and Hose Assembly tests fuel injection systems and also features a 6-foot bleed hose. The bleed valve on the hose assembly eliminates air from the fuel injection system and also reduces pressure when disconnecting the hoses. The bleed valve can also be used to check for fuel pump volume.