Hilarious Award Certificate Ideas

male with his certificate image by Peter Baxter from Fotolia.com

Holiday parties, graduation celebrations and work events are ideal settings for award presentations. Keep the mood light by giving funny award certificates. Good-spirited partygoers will enjoy being recognised for their distinctive talents, or lack thereof.

The key to creating an effective gag award lies in knowing the quirks, abilities and habits of the recipients. Many online sites allow you to download premade templates or to design your own funny award certificate.

Work Party Awards

Corporate comedian Larry Weaver provides plenty of material for work-related gag certificates in his PDF book, "Funny Employee Awards: Your Complete Guide to Organizing a Humorous, Entertaining, and Rewarding Recognition Ceremony." Suggestions from the book include, the Bermuda Triangle award -- for the desk where things go in, but never come out, and the Loch Ness award -- for the worker who is least likely to be found. For the employee who spends a major portion of his day social networking, present the Facebook Fanatic award. Be creative and design your own awards to fit the distinct personalities in your office.

Graduation Party Awards

Graduating from high school marks one of life's important milestones. Transitioning into adult careers and responsibilities can be a stressful time for young adults. Present graduating seniors with funny awards to make their celebration memorable. Take cues from your old yearbook. Many of the "Most likely to..." listings will be just as funny today. Give the class slacker the Mom's 40-Year-Old Basement Dweller award. For the most amorous couple, present the Lip Balm Stock Holder award. If your class has a perpetual partygoer in the midst, the Gave My College Tuition to Betty Ford award is sure to bring laughs. Remember to be sensitive of everyone's feelings. Don't present any awards that are malicious or meant to embarrass anyone.

Holiday Party Awards

Holiday parties present a model time to hand out silly award certificates. Before your next New Year's Eve party, take a look at your guest list. Make notes of any funny personality whims or special events that happened that year. For the lightweight drinker, give the Passed Out by 10 p.m. award. New parents can be given the, Speed Diaper Changers of the Year award. If your group includes an attendee famous for his flirting skills, consider presenting him with the Booty Call King award. Your guests will take home a one- of-a-kind party favour custom made for them.