Static caravan regulations

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Static caravans, or mobile homes, are subject to regulations that range from lease contracts for the residential parks in which the static caravan is parked, to purchase and transfer rules. These regulations also refer to utilities and the use thereof. Although residential park regulations are somewhat standard across the board, each facility may include regulations that are specific to themselves, such as the regulations that pertain to the California Mobilehome Residency Law.

Leases and Rent

Unless a shorter term is specifically asked for, each owner must receive a written rental agreement for a term of 12 months. Terms longer than 12 months can be mutually agreed upon. Each rental contract must include the park's fees and the services that will be rendered. A copy of the Mobile Home Residency Law, all park regulations and a written disclosure relating to conditions in the park, are considered to be part of the contract and must accompany it. Each year, an updated version of the Mobile Home Residency Law is required. The homeowner must agree to the renewal of any rental contract, and the park must give 90 days advance written notice to the owner, should the park plan to increase the rental amount. It is the duty of management to maintain the condition of the park, but any homeowner who considers that this duty is not being carried out must notify management at least 30 days prior to seeking legal intervention. Each homeowner who stays alone is entitled to share the mobile home with one other individual, without being eligible to pay an additional fee. Immediate family are permitted to stay without an additional charge being levied. A number of federal law requirements must be met before a park can accommodate senior citizens exclusively.

Purchase and Transfer

It is the owner's right to sell a static caravan through an agent of her choice, without being charged a fee by management of the residential park in question. A static caravan does not have to be removed from a residential park as a condition of sale, unless the unit is in a severely rundown condition. The management of a residential park is permitted to request the financial qualifications from a prospective buyer. Management is equally permitted to request proof that the prospective buyer will not violate the rules of the residential park. Management must either accept or reject a prospective buyer within 15 days of being presented with an application.


Management of the residential park is entitled to either charge separately for sewage, electricity and cable television or to include the cost of these utilities in the rent payment. In the event that utilities are billed separately, actual charges and meter readings must be included.

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