Preschool Display Ideas

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Who doesn't want recognition for their work? Adults would love to have their work displayed in galleries and awarded great praise, and kids are no different. Preschool is a time of transition from the home to a more socially diverse atmosphere. Creative and colourful display boards in the classroom give teachers the opportunity to maintain organisation and let students add their personal touch to the room and receive public recognition for their hard work.

Back to School

When students head to school in the fall, consider displaying their faces and hand prints on a notice board. Have students draw a self portrait and sign it with their hand prints and attach them to the board to add colour and personalised artwork to the classroom.

Crucial Information

Display classroom rules, schedules and pictures of instructors on an easily accessible board. Use bright colours and kid-friendly decorations to blend the information with the books, blocks and toys preschoolers look forward to playing with every day. Add a colourful border and consider laminating the items on the board, as they will most likely remain posted throughout the school year.


Use cutouts of pumpkins, turkeys, Christmas trees, menorahs, and flags to teach preschoolers about various holidays throughout the year. Use kid-created artwork to decorate the board with easy-to-understand information and season-specific decorations like leaves and fake snow to make the board come to life.

The Fundamentals

Display letters, numbers and shapes in the classroom. Posting these fundamental lessons in a prominent location reinforces their importance and makes them an everyday part of student's lives. Making them colourful and fun will help make lessons more like games and therefore easier to absorb.


Praising good behaviour, work or special skills in a public location encourages other students to strive for the best. Consider displaying exemplary work and student of the day, week or month on a board. Display a picture of the star student along with their own personal addition to the board such as a picture or information about their life at home or favourite things.

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