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Types of Hot Stones

Updated July 20, 2017

Hot- and cold-stone massage, a method linked to Native American practice, is a type of massage therapy that helps to relax the body and mind. There are a variety of stones used in this kind of therapy, and each stone also can be used as a form of natural healing. Atlanta Salon and Spa suggests learning about the different types of stones and discussing their benefits with your therapist before receiving the treatment.

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Basalt Stones

Basalt stones are smooth and polished. The basalt stone is used mostly for hot-stone massage because of its ability to retain heat. Shaped by the ocean, basalt stones are available in a variety of sizes that are designed for specific locations on the body.

Marble Stones

Hand-crafted to meet therapist and client needs, marble stones are used in massage therapy at cooler temperatures. During longer hot stone massage sessions, T.I.R. Massage Stone suggests using marble stones at a cooler temperature to help alleviate heat in the body that may create nausea. Marble stones also can minimise soreness that may be caused from deep massages.

Jade Stones

Jade stones can be used at hot and cold temperatures. Linked to Chinese civilisation, jade stones are believed to be a link to the spiritual realm, bring good luck and protect its users from negative energies.

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