Goddaughter Wedding Gifts

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The relationship between a godmother or godfather and a goddaughter is a special one. Not only is the godparent charged with helping foster her spiritual growth, he or she has likely been there for the goddaughter throughout her life, at soccer games, birthday parties, graduations and other special events. Choose a wedding gift that shows her that even though she is all grown up, you still want the best for her.

Help with Wedding Costs

Weddings are usually paid for by the bride's parents. If you are very close to your goddaughter, offer to help with the cost as her wedding gift. For example, you could pay for the photographer or videographer if that element falls outside her budget. Other ideas include paying for the flowers or even her wedding dress. If you want to assist, but don't want to spend quite as much money as it would take to cover a large aspect of her wedding, take care of her wedding day beauty: Pay a stylist to do her hair and make-up before she walks down the aisle.

Recipe Book

If over the years your goddaughter has enjoyed many meals at your dining room table, create a homemade recipe book for her. You can find spiral-bound blank recipe books at bookstores or speciality cooking stores. Fill in the blanks with your best dishes and include some blank pages so that she can write in other favourite family recipes. You can also pair this recipe book with a gift for her kitchen, such as a set of mixing bowls, casserole dishes or pots and pans.

Picture Canvas

If the couple had engagement photos taken, choose one of the pictures and have it painted onto a canvas. Many camera or photography stores that print photos provide this service. For a couple that didn't have engagement photos done, simply choose an attractive photo of the two of them during their engagement or dating years. This is a gift that they can hang in their home for years to come.


Most women opt to take their husband's last name when they get married. And since a godparent and goddaughter's relationship is based on spirituality, give her a Bible with her new name inscribed on the front, along with her wedding date. This is a gift that will be special to her for the rest of her life.

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