Tools to Level a Ground

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Level ground is needed before laying out a patio or installing a pool. Uneven ground causes materials to crack and break especially bricks and concrete. Levelling the ground requires proper tools, but you may already have some of these tools. If not, purchase these levelling tools.


There are three main types of shovels: square point, round point and garden spade. The garden spade is commonly used as a cutting tool, especially for evenly cutting sod. It has a thin, rectangular blade. If you are working with a bare surface, then you don't need this type of shovel. The square point shovel is better suited for a bare surface. This tool helps move dirt from one area to another. Use this shovel to add or subtract soil from a particular area to level it. If you need to dig up an area, invest in the round point shovel. This shovel has a round head that ends in a point, which digs into the soil.


Use the bowhead rake for levelling. This rake has a metal head with evenly spaced teeth. The back of the head is flat. Use the teeth to break up clumps of soil or to pull out rocks stuck into the soil. Use the back of the head to level the ground.

Transit Level

A transit level is an optical instrument sitting on top of a tripod. It is calibrated to align with the true horizon. It comes with a calibrated rod displaying the angle of inclination in different measurements, including minutes, seconds and degrees. This tool is commonly used in surveying, but you can use it to determine if your surface is level. If you do not have access to a transit level, then use a standard bubble level.


A ground leveller has a long shaft and a heavy, flat head. The shaft sits directly in the centre. Raise and lower this tool over a surface you are trying to flatten. It compacts the surface and ground soil, and it helps level one ground section with another. Once you flatten the surface, use a level to compare the new section with the old. If necessary, add or remove dirt.

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