Ideas for 50th Business Anniversary Celebrations

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Fifty years, or the "gold year" according to many anniversary gift-giving charts, is an amazing accomplishment in and of itself for a business, but your employees might be expecting something a little more than the traditional "gold" year commemorative plate. Celebrating a company anniversary is not only fun for the employees, but can be an excellent opportunity to give back to your buyers, gain press and increase sales. From office party to grand gala, from sales to promotions and low key events, remember that no matter how big or small the company might be, 50 years is a monumental celebration that should not be overlooked.

Create a Buzz

Create publicity for your event or place of business. This can be done by use of flyers, newspaper and Internet ads, and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. For your main ad, commission a humorous or catchy logo to draw media attention. Company anniversaries provide an opportunity to remember why your company has succeeded in the first place, and a sale in commemoration of this occasion is the perfect way to give back to the community that has brought you as far as they have. Market your celebration with the same number your anniversary is. For your 50th, throw a 50 per cent off sale, have 50 giveaways, or present 50 all-new in-store items.

The Big Event

When having a staff anniversary celebration for your 50th, throw a large gala with a 50s theme. This idea can be made fun and unique by using music from the 50s, renting a jukebox, serving milkshakes and floats just like at an old diner and having all of your guests dress as greasers and girls wearing poodle-skirts. Throwing a era themed party can just as easily be made classy by using the earlier 50s style of pin-curled hair, long elegant dresses and suits with top-hats, using classic music from both the 40s and 50s and serving champagne in a large ballroom. Other themes, such as black and white style dress, costume ball or retro-vintage are also memorable ways to celebrate.

Ideas and Tips

Other ideas are a company cruise, parade, promotional hot-air-balloon or contest. Company sporting events, whether they are being played or watched, are another way to celebrate. Whether forming a company sports team and competing for bragging rights or throwing a company potluck picnic, make sure the event is involving. Remember that whatever event you throw, no matter how big or small, preparation is key.

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