Tools for digging holes in the sand for beach umbrellas

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Taking time to dig a good hole in the sand to keep an umbrella stable can make a day at the beach a lot safer and more pleasant, plus it will provide resistance against wind gusts. There are creative tools designed to help dig the right size hole, and that help anchor the umbrella once it is in the sand.

The Earthworm

The Earthworm works by twisting into the sand. Remove the 14-inch-long steel handle from the inside of the 14-inch-long body tube, and slide it through the handle holes. Secure the handle with the thumbscrew, and twist. The Earthworm spirals into the sand and then you remove the handle and insert your umbrella, securing it with the thumbscrew.

Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor

The Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor by Prime Time Solutions is built of fibreglass and nylon, making it strong but lightweight. Twist the anchor into the sand, then pop in any size beach umbrella. The anchor makes a large enough hole for most umbrellas and withstands winds of up to 30 miles per hour.

El Pincho

El Pincho both secures flying beach umbrellas and serves as a means of creating the hole for your beach umbrella. Screw the beach spike into the ground using the handles, insert the umbrella into the spike and secure it with the screw on the side. The aluminium or plastic El Pincho fits poles up to a diameter of 25 millimetres. The plastic spike has a removable collar and fits poles up to 35 millimetres in diameter. El Pincho has an aluminium tip, integrated handles for turning and is suitable for either sand or stone beaches.

Sun Twister Beach Umbrella Anchor

The Sun Twister comes in various sizes to fit different umbrella diameters. The device twists into the sand with a handle, and then works as an anchor to secure the umbrella. Model A is for larger poles with diameter up to 1.74 inches. It weighs 1 227gr and is 17 inches long. The Sun Twister has an adaptor that creates a secure grip for smaller-sized umbrellas. Model B is available for smaller diameter poles, up to 1.57 inches.

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