Kinetico Repair Tips

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Kinetico is a company that manufactures a line of water softeners. These water softeners function with no electronic components, making them very durable and low-maintenance. However, like any product, problems will crop up from time to time. Water softeners are complicated devices, and most complex repairs should be left to professionals. However, a few tricks and tips are available for more simple issues.

Basic Troubleshooting

Before deciding your softener is experiencing serious problems, check a few components that commonly cause problems which are easily solved. For instance, check whether the bypass is open, that there is both salt and water in the brine tank, and that the salt has not hardened into a bridge over the water in the brine tank. Also check to make sure your prefilter is not clogged. These are all common culprits for softener dysfunction. The prefilter is installed in the water line just before the Kinetico softener, and can become clogged with debris after long periods of use.

Checking for Leaks

Sometimes your Kinetico softener will not seem to be working because of a leak somewhere in your house. You can test for a leak in your house's plumbing by turning off the intake valve, waiting a while, and then turning it on again. If you hear a rushing sound, like a faucet turning on, then you know that water has leaked out somewhere in the plumbing, and it will need to be replaced.

Water Pressure Drop

If you feel a general drop in your house's water pressure, you must change the prefilter in your Kinetico softener. Shut off the water supply to the prefilter and close the valve following the prefilter; then place a bucket beneath the housing while you change the filter. To remove the prefilter, simply unscrew the housing, slide out the filter, and replace it with a new filter.

Control Valve and Distributor Tube Replacement

You can add a great deal of life to your water softener by replacing the control valve. You can buy a new valve from Kinetico, or from a plumbing store. The control valve is relatively easy to remove, as it simply screws onto and off of the resin tank. If you are replacing the control valve to your water softener, you will need to replace the distributor tube as well. The distributor tube is also connected to the resin tank. Make sure the replacement distributor tube is the same size as the top of the resin tank. Remove your old control valve, followed by the old distributor tube, and then install the new distributor tube and finally the new control valve.

Manual Regeneration

You may need to manually regenerate you Kinetico softener if you replace the salt inside, it or it fails to do so on its own. You can do this with a Phillips screwdriver. Simply apply downward pressure on the softener valve's centre screw, turn the screw clockwise and wait for two sounds. The fist is three or four clicks, and the second is the sound of water flowing. After the water stops flowing, repeat the process.

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