Warning Signs of a Control Freak

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In the workplace or in relationships, control freaks can bring discord to a situation with their obsessive behaviours and inability to cope with change. Understanding how to deal with a control freak begins with knowing the warning signs and recognising the control freak in your life, before things get out of hand.


Control freaks have a difficult time delegating tasks because they genuinely believe no one can accomplish the task as well as they can. It's the "if you want something done right, do it yourself" method of thinking. A person who is constantly overworked despite the availability of assistance might be a control freak.


For many control freaks, it isn't enough to have a task simply completed -- it must be completed perfectly. Perfectionism is a telltale mark of control freaks, who need everything in their lives to be done their way, because their way is best.

My Way or the Highway

For a control freak, it is vitally important that things be done their way because untold disasters could befall them if something is done differently -- which, to them, is done wrongly. This exaggeration is a sign of a control freak, who feels that the sky very well may fall down if things aren't done right.


Right is more important than fair. In an argument, a control freak will not care about the fairness of a situation or if someone's feelings get hurt. The most important thing to a control freak is that they are right, and the situation will be resolved however they wish.


Control freaks tend to rigidly schedule themselves, with no room for spontaneity or adjustment. Control freaks need order to operate properly, and spontaneity challenges that order. If it doesn't fit in the schedule, it just isn't an option.

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