Good paints for laminate countertops

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Laminate countertops can begin to show their age after several years, but that can be remedied with the use of some high-quality paint. Laminate countertop paints can be used to cover small chips in the material, as well as strengthen it.

Change the look of your kitchen or bathroom by painting those unsightly countertops with laminate-compatible paint.


Laminate countertops must be properly prepared before attempting to use a good countertop paint. An industrial-strength degreaser and cleaner should be used to remove all dirt and oils from the countertop, and then the area should be cleaned again with plain water. Excess caulking material needs to be cut away from the edges to avoid damaged paint. Gloss laminate surfaces must be lightly sanded for the countertop paint to adhere properly.


Giani offers a laminate countertop paint that covers 16 running feet of 24-inch-wide countertops. The easy-to-use kit provides a "paint by number" process, an instructional DVD, and the required paints and brushes. Giani offers six shades of the granite-style kitchen kits: Sicilian Sand, Chocolate Brown, Bombay Black, Roma Red, Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green. The Giani granite-style paint is applied in five phases. The first step is to cover the entire laminate area with the IronCore base coat. Three specially mixed shades of granite mineral paint is then applied, which is then sealed with the Clear Topcoat. Once the topcoat has dried, your laminate countertop will have a smooth, shiny finish.


The Rust-Oleum Countertop Paint is available in more than a dozen colours to give your laminate countertops a new lease on life. The quart-sized can covers approximate 25 running feet of laminate countertop. For laminate countertops, no primer is needed, so the paint can be applied directly to the counter. The paint will dry in four to six hours, but the countertops shouldn't be used for three days to allow the countertops to cure.