How to Decorate Exterior Wall Ideas

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Decorating the exterior walls of your home requires a different set of techniques and products than your interior walls. Outdoor decorations need to withstand different temperatures and conditions. You still have many options. Consider painting or stencilling an outside wall protected by an overhang to showcase an artistic and whimsical style, or add a nostalgic scene with old signage decorating your exterior walls.

Paint a mural or draw a stencil decoration on a section of an exterior wall, or have a professional do it. A mural of a cascading waterfall or a bubbling brook adds an artistic flair to the outside of the home. Or paint a long board white, and stencil a popular saying on top. Hang the board near the entrance to your home.

Install a bubbling wall fountain to the home's exterior. The fountain offers relaxing sound effects along with visual charm.

Set flower boxes under windows, and display colourful plants such as inpatients, petunias and geraniums. Paint colourful stripes or flowers on the boxes to provide additional colour to the exterior walls.

Hang large wreaths or other ornamental items, such as a star or a sun face, on the wall's exterior. Old metal, wood or neon signs provide a nostalgic look. Hang the signs on exterior walls, or prop them next to the home entrance as a welcoming beacon.

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