Names of red potatoes

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A staple food of civilisations for centuries, there are numerous species of potatoes available throughout the world. Potatoes come in a variety of flavours and appearances, including the famous brown Idaho baking potato, the orange-coloured sweet potato and even a purple variety. However, some delicious potato varieties are red. Red potatoes are available in several different varieties.

Red Gold

Red gold potatoes are a common variety of baking and boiling potatoes found in grocery stores. These potatoes usually have pink to red skins, and a smooth to slightly flaky texture, according to the Washington State University Research and Extension website.

The name red gold is given to this variety because of the vegetable's reddish skin and golden-coloured flesh. They are a small variety of potato and tend to produce several tubers per plant.

Red Pontiac

Red Pontiac potatoes are a midseason potato that is generally round to slightly oblong. They have smooth, light red skin and deep eyes. The red Pontiac originated in 1931 in Michigan when the USDA crossed the katahdin and bliss triumph potatoes. It is one of the world's most popular potatoes, according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website.

The red Pontiac is a high-yielding plant that produces tubers that are considered excellent for boiling, baking and making French fries. They bruise easily and have a bright white flesh.


The redsen is a bright red, thin-skinned variety of baking potato. It is often braised and is used in salads because of its ability to retain its bright colour even after cooking. It is a smooth potato with very shallow eyes. It must be handled gently because of its tendency to bruise.

The redsen grows in the early season and is a medium-sized potato with white flesh. It is often grown by farmers because of its ability to resist many plant diseases.

Red La Soda

The red la soda is among the best-tasting red potatoes in taste tests, according to the San Luis Hills Farm website. This variety has bright red skin and white, flaky flesh with medium-depth eyes. The tubers are generally round to oval in shape, and are heat- and drought-tolerant.

Growers at Louisiana State University bred the red la soda in 1936 by crossing the triumph and katahdin varieties, making it similar to the red Pontiac. It is a midseason potato that grows on an attractive vinelike plant with bright lavender flowers.

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