Gifts for mothers of stillborns

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Losing a child is one of the most difficult things that anyone can go through. Most miscarriages often happen early enough that the mother does not see her actual baby. However, when a mother loses her baby at a much later stage of pregnancy, the loss is often felt much more deeply.

The mother often gets to hold the baby in her arms and cry over her child. When this occurs, there are a wide range of gifts to help the mother both remember and mourn her precious child.

Forget-Me-Not Infant Loss Pendant

A pendant can be a great way for a mother to remember her child that has been lost. This type of remembrance is also one that can be kept a secret by the mother if she should choose to do so. The pendants can be customised to match either the baby's due date month or the month of the baby's loss. Some mothers prefer to choose a stone that indicates a specific meaning such as love or healing.

Tiny Footprints Pendant

A meaningful pendant for the grieving mother is the tiny footprints pendant. This heart-shaped pendant features a set of tiny footprints on one side. The other side can be engraved with any number of things, including gestational age of the lost baby, initials or whatever the mother desires. Birthstones can also be added for further customisation.

A Baby Book

When you think of a baby book, you often think of writing on the pages as your child grows and learns, filling the pages with their accomplishments. However, some mothers may wish to keep a memorial of their stillborn baby's life. A baby book geared specifically for a lost baby makes a great gift for those mothers who would like to maintain the tradition of keeping a baby book for their baby, even one who is no longer with them.

Keepsake Boxes

A gift idea for a mother grieving for her stillborn baby is a keepsake box. Many different variations of keepsake boxes are available. Many have space for a picture on the lid. Often, when a baby is born still, the hospital will take care to collect little keepsakes for the parents to have and treasure. The gift of a special box in which to keep these treasures is something any mother would cherish forever.

A Portrait

Portraits are often a way that families treasure their loved ones, both living and dead. A portrait of an infant that has been born sleeping is something that some mothers may treasure. As a mother, your child is the most beautiful thing you have ever laid eyes on. Some women would love to have a portrait of their lost baby to remember how beautiful that child was. However, some mothers may find a portrait more difficult to deal with so you should always check with the mother or someone close to her before choosing this type of gift.