Ideas for 60th birthday celebrations

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The celebration for the 60th birthday needs to be as special as the person reaching this milestone. Whether planning a trip or party or seeking a special 60th birthday gift, the important thing is to consider the personality, the physical abilities and the desires of the one celebrating the 60th birthday.

Birthstone Party

Plan a birthstone party for family or have an open house to include friends. However large or small the 60th birthday celebration, decorate in the birthstone colours of the guest of honour. Coordinate food, plates, napkins and centrepieces with these colours.

Use 60 as the focus of the centrepieces. While 60 big flowers might seem extreme, a mixture of sizes won't be so overwhelming in a basket also containing greenery. Add a Happy 60th insert into the basket. The centrepiece should coordinate with the birthstone colours and the season of the year. Incorporate the birth month flower into the arrangement.

The individual celebrating the birthday should have a say in the food being served. Include food that she likes to eat. Keep sensitivities and allergies such as gluten intolerance in mind.

Trip Celebration

Surprise the birthday individual with a trip to a place he never had the time or finances to visit. Consult those closest to the individual to be sure this is what he would like to do, is physically capable of doing and wants to do it at this time of life. Make the trip for at least two. If there are physical limitations, foresee problems of accessibility and assistance. You can also plan the trip as a vacation for the whole family. The key to a trip is to grant the lifetime wishes of the person with the 60th birthday.

Memory Party

Make the party an informal potluck with everyone bringing food the birthday person likes to eat. As the guests arrive, show a picture presentation on an overhead projector. Decorate with a Happy 60th Birthday banner and napkins. Have everyone bring a 60th birthday card along with memories of the birthday individual. Before the party, have guests write down a special memory or two to give as their gift, along with pictures, if they have them.

Ahead of time prepare an album or scrapbook with "60th Birthday" on the cover and "Memories." Inside add the basic facts of parents, siblings, children, birth, schooling and other information about the guest of honour. After guests read and present their memories and pictures, add them to the album for a special 60th birthday celebration memory.

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