PT Cruiser Strut Problems

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The Chrysler PT Cruiser has been the subject of several recalls and a number of technical service bulletins (TSB) published by the manufacturer throughout the production years of the vehicle. A recall for the 2005 and 2006 PT Cruiser directly relates to the strut problems some Chrysler owners have complained about.

Strut Noise

One of the biggest complaints about the PT Cruiser reported by is the struts making a squeaking or clicking sound. This strut noise is attributed to a sway-bar bushing prematurely wearing out. The sway-bar assists the struts to provide a smoother ride over rough roads. When the bushing wears, a squeaking noise can be heard. No reason is given for the bushings wearing quickly on some PT Cruisers, but technicians at state that the wear is from frequent driving over rough back roads.

Suspension Recall

More than 6,900 PT Cruisers have been recalled because of a defective nut used to attach the ball joints to the automobile. The nut sent with certain ball joint assemblies were not self-locking nuts, which caused the nut to come loose from the ball joint at the end of the struts. This loosening of the nuts causes the assembly to come loose from the PT Cruiser, and the driver can lose control of the car. The PT Cruiser should be taken back to the dealership and have this strut problem repaired before an accident occurs.

Excessive Bounce

According to, some PT Cruiser owners are bouncing excessively while being driven. This is caused by the struts coming loose. The assembly that controls the ride of the PT Cruiser is part of the strut assembly. During manufacturing, this strut assembly was not tightened to specific torque requirements. This defect causes the assembly to come loose during operation, which leads to bouncing because the PT Cruiser is not compensating for different road environments correctly. The PT Cruiser should be taken into the dealership to have the assemblies tightened to the correct torque.