Microwave ovens with door options

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Microwave ovens are now a necessity in every kitchen due to the fast paced lifestyle in which consumers live and the increasing number of available microwaveable food items in the market today. The door options available are the traditional right-handed door, the dro-down door and the lift door.

Where you place the microwave is the most important consideration in determining the type of door to select.

Right-Handed Door

The most common type of microwave door option is the right-handed door. The major reason for its popularity is because the majority of the population is right-handed. These types of microwaves are also very functional and easy to incorporate in any kitchen, regardless of size or space limitations. They are convenient to place in cabinetry or even on the countertop. They come in various shapes, sizes and price. Most microwaves in the market today use this type of door. The reason for this is so you can place the plate or dish into the microwave with your right hand and use your left hand to open and hold the microwave door. Even left-handed people have to use the right-handed door as there are no left-handed doors in microwaves.

Drop-Down Door

The drop-down microwave doors are favourites because they save space, make access to food much easier and can be placed almost anywhere in the kitchen. With drop-down doors, you do not have to worry about the microwave door swinging back at you and burning yourself with a hotplate or dish. The disadvantage is that you cannot place the microwave over the counter as with most microwave door models. The interiors of drop-down microwaves tend to be a lot roomier than conventional microwaves. The main advantage to the drop-down door is that it is easier to put in and take out food, which is especially important when taking out extremely hot food dishes or when one needs to stir the food in the microwave.

Lift Door

Lift doors are designed to allow easy-to-open and close hinges. They are favoured because they conceal the microwave with their sleek design. Lift doors are nice because they tuck the microwave away, while at the same time allowing for convenience and easy access.