Tips for the Whites M6 Detector

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White's M6 metal detector may be a little confusing at first, if you haven't used other metal detectors. With a little practice, however, you will find it to be quite a versatile device. The M6 has seven distinct tones for different metal types, as well as visual indicators for each. A special switch allows you to choose the appropriate ground conditions, such as "beach." There's even a trigger for a special "pinpoint" mode which allows you to hone in on your targeted item.

Trigger-centred "Discrimination" Mode

The M6 is different than many metal detectors in that is has a trigger switch in addition to the settings common on most detectors. Set the trigger to the forward position to use the detector in the traditional "discrimination" manner (anything below the "discrimination" level will be filtered out automatically). This is a good place to start if you are a novice.

Trigger-forward "Tone ID" Mode

This mode allows detecting capabilities to grow with your skill level. Set the trigger forward and the discrimination knob to a minimum setting to hear seven distinctive tones based on the item beneath the coil. Learn the different tones by practicing with items you've placed on the ground. Over time, this will allow you to determine what a buried item most likely is without looking at the meter.

Squeezed-trigger "Pinpoint" Mode

Squeeze the trigger to determine the likely depth of a buried item. This will help you figure out which tools you'll need to dig up the item. Move the coil left and right while the trigger is squeezed to get pinpoint accuracy of an item's location.

TRAC usage

The TRAC toggle on the M6 is useful when underground mineral deposits may interfere with the detector's readings. Selecting "beach" mode on saltwater beaches (or in deserts) will greatly increase accuracy of the readouts. Learn about the mineral content in your area from other hobbyists, if you suspect mineral interference.

Basic Tips

Go slowly when moving the search coil about, and keep it parallel to the ground whenever possible. This will increase accuracy.

Use headphones to improve battery life and to help you discriminate between tones.

As you grow more used to the M6, use additional features to hone in on items. A skilled user can find buried items that others have completely missed. The M6 has many more features than most detectors, so it is well worth your while to learn them.

Consult the user manual or the videos on White's website to improve your techniques.

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