Gifts for People in the Hospital

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People in the hospital need gifts that provide cheer and comfort. They are away from family and friends who usually keep them company. If you can't provide daily company, give the person in the hospital a gift as a reminder of home.


Flowers come in an assortment of colours and types. They can brighten any room and give it a fragrant smell. It is a thoughtful gift for the patient an convenient for the visitor because it can be purchased at the hospital gift shop.

Fruit Basket

Because a patient is most likely in the hospital due to an illness, fruit is a healthy choice. If you are unable to visit the patient fruit baskets can be delivered. Fruit baskets look nice and the patient can share the contents with others.


The hospital gowns patients must wear are thin and not very warm. A robe is a personal touch from home and a useful to a patient. A robe can provide style to a hospital gown and make the patient feel better during the stay.


Soap, moisturiser, shower gel and other personal toiletries can increase the comfort level of the patient. They will make the patient feel refreshed and may make the hospital stay a little more comfortable.


Puzzle books like Sudoku, crossword puzzles and word finds help the patient occupy her time. A book by her favourite author or one that you recommend serves as entertainment during her hospital stay. A scrapbook given with decorative pages, stickers, pictures and other items allow the patient to create a book of memories.

Craft Kits

Arts and crafts provide a way for a person in the hospital to entertain himself. A craft kit can contain items such as jewellery making supplies, yarn and needles for crocheting and supplies for needlepoint. A velvet portrait with markers for colouring the portrait is also a creative craft project. A sketchbook with pencils and markers can keep a hospital patient busy.


A journal with a nice pen for writing helps the patient's time pass quickly. Journals come in a variety of sizes and colours.

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