Top 10 Profitable Greenhouse Crops

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Keen gardeners can make profits from growing the right greenhouse crops. Choose fruit and vegetables that are relatively simple to grow and crop well to maximise profits. Choose varieties that will crop continuously as you harvest them. Farmers markets and local independent stores and restaurants are likely to be your best customers, so look to see what is in demand locally.

Easy to Grow

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Tomatoes are at the top of the list for easy-to-grow greenhouse crops. Choose a high-cropping variety such as the Heirloom, which ripens early to maximise profits. Peppers and chillies grow well in the greenhouse and flourish alongside tomato plants. Both are in demand as fresh ingredients, but you can easily preserve them if crops are too high to sell at once.

Garlic, Onions and Shallots

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Growing these pungent bulbs in the greenhouse will give your crops a head start in the spring. You can grow them on the greenhouse floor, maximising space for other crops. You can move them outside when the weather improves.


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Many herbs can be grown quikly from seed in the greenhouse, potted they can be sold as plants for a substanial profit. Fully grown herbs can be dried and sold over the winter.

Choose fast growing basil, coriander, parsely and mint for good profits. These are all popular herbs that will sell well.

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