Ideas for an inscription on a fundraising brick

Gary Yeowell/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The inscription on a fundraising brick can allow people to leave their stamp on a project forever. The bricks serve as time capsules, preserving memories and legacies.

Whatever project the bricks are used to build, whether a walk of fame, memorial wall, fountain or other monuments, you can offer people a chance to be a part of the construction by allowing them to purchase bricks. The cost of the project can also be funded through fundraising bricks.


A fundraising brick with the inscription "Rest in Peace" pays tribute to a deceased friend or family member. The bricks can be purchased by a surviving spouse or children, and can include the names of their lost loved one, the year he was born, the year he died and, if technology permits, his picture. For example, the Smith family can purchase a brick with the inscription, "Rest in Peace Mr. Joe Smith" or "Jane Smith: 1977-2010." When these bricks are placed in the finished project, a memorial of your loved ones will be visible to visitors for years to come.

Birth announcements

People love to share news of a baby's birth. Parents or grandparents can purchase a fundraising brick that announces the arrival of a new baby. The brick can display the baby's name, birth date and birth weight. The inscription could read, "Baby Jane Smith, 2010. 2.72 kg" If technology allows it, the bricks can also include an engraved picture of the baby or a baby's toy, such as a Teddy bear or rattle.

Groups and organisations

Groups and organisations, such as classes at a school, social clubs, charitable organisations and businesses, can forever leave their mark with a commemorative fundraising brick. The inscriptions for these groups and organisations could read "Class of 2010," "Smith High School," "Smith High School Spanish Club" or other options. A local charity such as the Red Cross could purchase a brick with the group's name and year it was established inscribed on the front. A local business can have its name and the year the business opened inscribed on a fundraising brick.

Popular culture

The popular catchphrases, songs, films, television programmes, sports teams or other things in popular culture can be inscribed on a fundraising brick. These bricks will remind people of a certain period in their lives. A local sports team's recent championship win can be commemorated with a "2013 County Champs, Fenton Comprehensive Under 18s" brick. You can also have a "Coronation Street" brick, which recognises the popular television programme. A "Harry Potter" brick commemorates the lead character of the popular books and films.