The type of paint used on glass

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Many people enjoy the art of glass painting. With all the different types of paints, it is difficult to make a choice. But, if you can narrow down the factors of the colour range, the transparency, permanence and how easy it is to paint on, you can make an informed decision.


Acrylic paint adheres to the slick surface of glass. Acrylic paints are quick to dry and have a durable finish. When you paint on glass with acrylic paint, you can mix the colours for a wide variety of hues and shades. Although acrylic paints last, it is not a paint to use if you are going to wash the glass object too often.

Acrylic Enamel Paint

If you want to use acrylic paint on glass that will be used and washed, then enamel acrylic paint will last through multiple washings. Check labels to choose the right acrylic paint that is safe to use on glass that you will eat on or use to serve food. Once painted, you can either allow acrylic paint to air dry or bake it in your oven. Enamel paint is an opaque paint that is durable and is also safe to put in the dishwasher, microwave or oven. Enamel paint comes in a variety of colours that you can mix to make more colours. You cannot mix enamel paint with transparent or iridescent colours.

Poster or Tempera Paint

Poster paints or tempera paints are usable on windows. This paint is especially useful if you have kids. Give them a paintbrush and some poster or tempera paint and let them paint the windows a colourful holiday theme. Tempera or poster paint easily washes off glass surfaces and they are inexpensive to buy. The only thing this type of paint does not do well is blend and mix with other colours to make a different colour. This paint acts like stained glass paint, as it allows light to go through, but it is only temporary.

Transparent and Iridescent Paint

Transparent and iridescent paints is another type of enamel paint that dispenses through a nozzle tip. It will give you a fake stained glass appearance, especially if you add the enamel lead. Iridescent paint will take on a shimmering appearance. After you paint the surface with iridescent paint and look at it from different angles, the colours seem to change. Transparent glass paint is smooth and allows light to shine through it. This paint works well if you like having a stained glass effect.

Frost Paint

Frost paint will give an ordinary plain glass door, window or glassware a frosted appearance. Apply this paint with sponges for a white or coloured frosted look. Although light can go through, you will not be able to see through the frosted glass.

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