Fonts Similar to Blackoak

Blackoak is a font designed by Joy Redick and published by Adobe. It is a wide, bold serif font suitable for use as a decorative or headline font. It can be classified as a western font, a wide font or a wood cut font. It can be purchased from Adobe, Monotype Imaging, Linotype or MyFonts. Fonts that have a similar look are also available.

Big Boy

Big Boy was designed by Alex Kaczun and published by Type Innovations. Some of the letters have a more rounded look than Blackoak, notably the ends of the "S" and "C," the bottom of the lower case "T," the top of the lower case "A" and the tail of the capital "Q." It comes in four versions (a small cap version, a stencil version and an outline version in addition to the regular) and can be purchased from MyFonts.


Madroño is another Adobe Originals font, designed by Barbara Lind. It has a similar wide, bold look, but there is a much bigger contrast between the thick and thin parts of the letters. It can be purchased from Linotype.

ITC Ozwald

ITC Ozwald is a modernised version of a typeface called Cooper Fullface. It was designed by David Farey and is part of the ITC Library. It has exaggerated thick and thin strokes, more similar to Madrone than Blackoak, with a more modern and informal look to the serifs. It can be purchased from Linotype.

Goudy Stout

Goudy Stout is a decorative, heavy headline weight of the Goudy typeface and was designed by Frederic W. Goudy. It has exaggerated thick and thin strokes similar to ITC Ozwald, but the thick areas are even thicker and the serifs areas are curved, so as to be even more informal. A modern version of Goudy Stout, designed by Vincent Connare and published by Microsoft, can be purchased from Ascender Fonts.


Saddlebag is a bold western-style font designed by Dieter Steffmann. It has letters that are shaped similarly in some ways to Blackoak, but there are decorative curves in the middle of the vertical strokes that make it more of a true western font than Blackoak. It can be downloaded free from

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