Swimsuits that hide fat thighs

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Finding the perfect swimsuit to flatter your figure can seem like a challenging task, especially when you're trying to camouflage such problem areas as your hips and thighs.

By making careful choices in terms of cut, style and colour, however, you will find that there are several stylish swimwear options that can successfully draw attention away from your bottom half.

Embellished Tops

One of the best ways to draw attention away from hips and thighs is to choose a swimsuit that directs attention to the upper half of your body. Look for tops with embellishments such as ruffles or beading. Bold prints may also work. By drawing the eye upward and away from your thighs, people will focus more on your arms, face and shoulders.

Two-Tone Suits

Another method for drawing the eye away from your thighs is to wear a two-tone suit with a darker colour on the bottom and a lighter colour on the top. Like embellished tops, the lighter colour pulls the eye upward and the darker colour on bottom minimises hips.

Halter and Bandeau Tops

If your hips and thighs area is larger than your shoulders, a halter or bandeau top may be the perfect choice. The lines of these tops add visual weight, helping to balance a fuller bottom half.

High-Cut Bottoms

Although it may seem counterintuitive, showing a little bit more leg will actually slim your thighs. Suits with a high-cut bottom create a longer leg line, leading to an overall slimmer look. On the contrary, avoid boyshort style bottoms, which tend to highlight the problem area with a tight straight line right across your uppermost thigh.


If you're looking for something with a bit more coverage, a skirted swimsuit may be the perfect option. Much more stylish than in years past, skirted suits come in a variety of lengths and styles that help cover your hips and thighs.


Instead of investing in a new swimsuit, another great option is to wear a simple sarong. The sarong provides stylish coverage but can easily be taken off before entering the water.