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You can use Cypermethrin to fight against many household insect pests, such as spiders, scorpions and even carpenter ants. Use the product in cracks, crevices, for spot treatment and residual treatments. According to, Cypermethrin applications can last for up to three months. Use Cypermethrin inside or outside your home or restaurant to get rid of pests. According to Ace Pest Control's website, Cypermethrin can only be sold outside of New York, Connecticut, Vermont and Alaska, with restricted selling in the state of California. Cypermethrin can be used for households as a do-it-yourself product or for commercial use such as in restaurants. sells seven different varieties of Cypermethrin: Cynoff WP, Cynoff EC, Cyper TC, Cynoff Insect Dust, Demon WP Insecticide, Cyper WP and Demon WP. As of November 2010, the prices for Cypermethrin at range from £10.70 to £44.3. This website offers free shipping on all varieties of Cypermethrin. It offers Cypermethrin in dust, liquid, powder and concentrated forms. offers one variety of Cypermethrin: CB Air Devil HPX. It sells the product by the can for £10.80, by two cans for £20.6 or by the case (eight cans) for £56.8, as of November 2010. This company offers free shipping for the product as well.

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Ace Pest Control also offers only the can of CB Air Devil HPX for £8.30. Shipping ranges from £7.30 to £30.6, depending on how fast you need the product delivered. offers Demon WP for £12.10, Demon EC for £40 and Cynoff EC for £57. does not ship to New York, Connecticut or outside the lower 48 states. offers free shipping for their products on orders over £48, as of November 2010, and charges £3 for orders under £48. sells a three-pack fogger by Ace, which contains Cypermethrin. As of November 2010, the three-pack of foggers costs £5.50. charges £1.90 for shipping and only ships to the United States, as of November 2010.

Warnings warns you to restrict the use of Cypermethrin in placing where you prepare or process your food. Keep food completely covered and out of the way when applying Cypermethrin. Wash all countertops, utensils and containers after applying Cypermethrin before using them for food prep or cooking. According to, you should be cautious when applying Cyermethrin and wear protective clothes, but the toxicity level of Cypermethrin is low compared to other pesticides.

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