The best paint colour with golden pine Images

Golden pine provides a distinctive focal point in any room. If you are decorating a room with golden pine furniture or floors, avoid saturated colours and select muted shades that will complement the rich tones of the wood and create a pleasing and enjoyable colour scheme for your room.

White, cream and yellow

Crisp white walls accent the warm colours of golden pine and make the room feel bright and airy. This colour scheme can work especially well for a kitchen; for other rooms, it may feel a bit too plain, although accents of other colours can be introduced through accessories such as throws, rugs and pictures. For a warmer version of the same colour scheme, consider a pale cream or butter yellow paint colour.

Violet and blue

On the classic colour wheel, violet is the complementary colour of yellow; a pale violet or purple will allow the golden pine to stand out without overwhelming it like a brighter shade would. A pale or eggshell blue colour will bring out the warm overtones of the wood and bring a stylish and elegant finish to the room, while a more vibrant blue will create a colour scheme reminiscent of a sunny day.


The combination of a soothing grey with warm yellow or golden colours lends itself equally well to both modern and traditional designs, says home design website Apartment Therapy. Grey paint creates a neutral background and is restful for the eye, contrasting with and accenting the bright colour of the pine wood.

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