Aluminum Can Crusher Specifications

Tricia Shay Photography/Creatas/Getty Images

"Energy saved from recycling one ton of aluminium is equal to the amount of electricity the average home uses," notes Keep America Beautiful. You can recycle aluminium cans repeatedly. It takes 27216kg. of melted recycle cans to produce 1.6 million new cans.

When you are trying to help the environment at home, you can purchase an aluminium can crusher to collect your used canned beverages.

EZ Can Recycler System

The EZ aluminium can crusher holds hundreds of cans. The unit crushes cans and holds the aluminium cans in the same unit. Unlike other recycling products, the aluminium can crusher only houses cans, so people cannot accidentally throw trash in the container. Cans go on the top of the product, and, after you pull the lever, the can drops in the bin. You can find the EZ Can Recycler System for £62.3 as of November 2010.

The Canpactor

Busch Systems manufactures the Canpactor, which is an all-in-one aluminium can crusher and can collection bin. The product uses standard 30-gallon garbage bags, which are not included. The container holds up to 400 crushed cans. The portable unit crushes a can by pressing the handle on the top and the can falls in the bin. The bin is available in grey and black. The container is 16 inches long by 34 inches and weighs 4.54kg. You can find the Canpactor for £64.90.

Commercial Zone Can Crusher

Commercial Zone makes a manual can crusher. The can crusher is 4 x 10 inches and weighs 0.907kg. You can purchase the device as a six-pack or an individual unit. You can mount the unit on a CanPactor by Commercial Zone or use alone. The 0.907kg. unit is portable. The can crusher costs £12.30 for one or £71 for the size-packer.