Colors that match red brick

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Red brick walls make your home look elegant and timeless. Choosing colours to match red brick can seem challenging at first, whether you're choosing trim and shutter colours for an outer wall or accent colours for interior decorating. Luckily, there are many colours that go with red brick, giving you enough possibilities to suit your personal style and vision.

Warm Colors

Red brick goes well with warm colours, such as a creamy white, off-white or mauve. Warm colours have gold, orange or brown undertones, while cool colours have blue or purple undertones. You can use warm colours successfully to paint other walls in the room, in art hung on the brick wall and in accent colours. For the exterior of the house, using black shutters and a creamy white colour for the trim will give your brick house a timeless, classic look.

Complementary Colors

Navy blue, black and white are colours that complement red brick. Navy blue has a natural depth to its colour that works well with brick. Be sure the undertones of your chosen navy blue match the undertones of the brick; if the brick has warm undertones, choose a warm navy blue. Black and white match just about any colour, including red brick. Bricks typically have a natural hint of black or white in them. Framed black and white photographs look stunning when hung on a red brick wall.

Grout Colors

The grout used to create a brick wall is usually a naturally complementary colour. You can use the same colour in other pieces in the room. If your red brick wall has tan grout, use the same shade of tan for the furniture or wall decor. You can tie the red and tan colours throughout the room with accent pieces to create a feeling of continuity. Using the grout colour works for the exterior of the home as well. Trim painted the colour of the grout will blend with the brick instead of contrasting, creating a soothing, contemporary look.

Brick Colors

Nothing matches brick red more closely than red. Use a red that occurs naturally in the brick for furniture, rugs, curtains and wall hangings. Study the wall to see what other colours occur naturally in the bricks, and use those colours in the same way. Using natural colours to decorate the room will make the room more appealing. Choosing a colour from the brick works for exterior trim as well, providing less contrast and creating a contemporary look.

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