Digital Recorders Compatible With a Mac

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Digital recorders have replaced tape recorders, as they can record more audio at higher quality. Digital audio also can be transferred more easily to computers to be transcribed or edited into videos. However, only certain digital recorders work with Macintosh operating systems.

Olympus DS 5000ID

The Olympus DS 5000ID has a number of premium features making it easy to operate, record audio and transfer it to a Macintosh computer. There are three programmable buttons which allows users to switch between audio files and different recording options. These buttons also allow easy editing using the voice recorder, allowing users to add verbal dictation notes for transcription. A cradle is available which allows for hands-free recording and easy uploading and downloading. There is also a biometric fingerprint lock function which allows only authorised users to access the controls and information on the controller itself.

Sony ICDUX81

The Sony ICDUX81 digital recorder also doubles as an MP3 player and is useful for recording lectures, conference calls or doing interviews in a large room in which lots of people are talking. It has 2 gigabytes of built-in flash memory, allowing users to store up to 575 hours of voice-quality audio and up to four hours of MP3 music. With a built-in USB attachment, transferring audio data is as simple as plugging the recorder into your Mac and clicking the correct option.

Olympus DM-520

The Olympus DM-520 digital recorder comes standard with two directional microphones which can be plugged into the recorder's right and left channels. This allows users to have sound coverage of up to 16 feet apart, allowing them to record audio in large rooms with good results. The DM-250 has over 4 gigabytes of internal memory, and a removable SD card slot which can increase its memory capacity to 16 gigabytes. This allows users to record all day without having to offload audio files. It also has rechargeable batteries, which can provide 51 hours of operation.

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